We are a professional production of miniature, small motor shaft and various types of high-precision shaft business.

Ningbo IDA Shaft Co., Ltd.

Ningbo IDA Shaft Co., Ltd. (Yuyao Xingda Spindle Factory) is a professional manufacturer of miniature, small motor shaft and various types of high-precision shaft. Ningbo Ed Axis Co., Ltd. was founded in 1984, experienced the ups and downs of the development of today's scale. Looking back, we have the joy of victory, but also the bitterness of the mistakes, but no matter what, we are working hard to create the "Ed shaft industry" lofty cause, in 2011 they invest in building Hefei Sidley Axle Co., Ltd.

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  • You ignore the shaft there are these secrets

    The shaft, a part that is often overlooked. Now briefly introduce some of its little secrets.1. The degree of shaft size affect the product's degree of thinness Shaft size i...

  • Shaft if worn will be what harm

    The main part between the product and the product must be applied to the shaft, which is called the shaft for both the bending moment and the torsion moment in the turning work. And ...

  • You do not know the shaft

    Shaft is an important part of the overall play a key role in the shaft and accessories stand in the entire product material has an important position, it will directly affect the ove...


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